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Saving Your Home From Sinking with Water damage repair & cleanup in Ocala, FL

A small plumbing leak can turn into a big problem. A passing rainstorm can dump inches of rain. A main water line burst can soak your property. Water damage can occur in a number of different ways, and it can easily ruin a home if it's not acted upon quickly.

DCS Builders & Restoration is a trusted emergency water damage cleanup company based in Ocala, Florida. We will work with you during this emotional time to reclaim your home from water damage. You can rely on our team of hardworking remediation specialists to address the damage - and make sure you're taken care of. Call us at 352-622-5135.

Water damage can become a big problem, so act fast

Water damage can become a big problem, so act fast

If you don't take care of water damage right away, it could be disastrous for the rest of your property. Whether the damage came from a minor plumbing leak or a major rainstorm, DCS Builders & Restoration is here to protect the rest of your home from mold growth and further damage. Count on our team to:

  • Pack up all of your belongings in the affected area
  • Dry out the space with dehumidifiers and extractors
  • Locate and remove sources of moisture with thermal imaging
  • Identify and extract mold from the property
  • Check on the air quality of the home
We use Halosil Internationalâ„¢ systems to kill diseases, viruses and bacteria on the property. No one else in the area uses this system. Don't wait another minute. Call DCS Builders & Restoration today for emergency floor cleanup and restoration in Ocala, FL.